CV Summary

ULTANE® (sevoflurane) has predictable dose-related effects on heart rate and blood pressure1


  • ULTANE does not increase heart rate at concentrations <2 MAC1
  • Titratable to effect due to its low blood:gas solubility1
  • ULTANE is a dose-related cardiac depressant1
Safety Considerations1

Reports of QT prolongation, associated with torsade de pointes (in exceptional cases, fatal), have been received. Caution should be exercised when administering ULTANE to susceptible patients (eg, patients with congenital long QT syndrome or patients taking drugs that can prolong the QT interval).

Due to ULTANE’s insolubility in blood, hemodynamic changes may occur more rapidly than with other volatile anesthetics. Excessive decreases in blood pressure or respiratory depression may be related to depth of anesthesia and may be corrected by decreasing the inspired concentration of ULTANE.

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